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the Mary Bruce Natural Organic Skincare product range ~


My 16 year old daughter was experiencing spotty aggravated facial skin that was making her miserable – especially on her T zone. Nothing was working. We tried pretty much everything readily available to us over the counter and were considering a dermatologist as the next step.

Then I remembered meeting Mary Bruce on a European trip and hearing about her cream – we called her and the rest is history!

This would have to be the most surprisingly unassuming effective cream that we have EVER tried – my daughters face has completely cleared up within 48 hours of using it for the first time.

Mary Bruce was quietly confident that it would be the right option for her. Her service was professional warm and efficient and we even received a follow up call to check how the product was faring.

She was so right about her cream though. Best kept secret ever. We totally recommend this product to everyone!

Ursula van Schoonhoven
Brand Director
17 High St
Armadale, Victoria 3143
April 2018

Mary introduced me to her wonderful Healing Balm. After learning of the ingredients, I couldn’t wait to try it.

I had eczema in a couple of places on my body, which hadn’t healed with aloe vera or cortisone cream. One application and it was nearly gone; two applications and both spots are completely healed.

As a moisturiser, the Balm is soothing, easy to apply and economical to use. A wonder around the eyes and mouth and neck.

I can only imagine what the Healing Balm would do to a fresh injury; soothe, heal, anaesthetise.

I thoroughly recommend this and any other products Mary has created. A joy to use!

Josephine Perry
M.Prof.Ethics, Dip.Sp.BT
Bowen Therapist
McCrae Victoria
April 2018

Hi Karen,
I just wanted to say thank you for the samples..  the girls are loving them at work so I may have more orders soon.

I also wanted to say that the little pot of Natural Healing Balm (That Creeme) is DEVINE!  I’ve had a spot of Psoriasis at the bottom of my leg which has been there for 5 years.  I have tried many creams and yet nothing has ever just healed it.  I’m pleased to say that my parcel was delivered Tuesday.  I started applying the balm 3x a day from the very next day and boom..!  Today is only day 3 and yet all I have is a scar lol it’s truly amazing!  I love it!

I’ve enclosed pictures so you can see exactly what I’m describing…  I’m wondering how much it would cost for a bigger pot?

tanya psoriasis1                tanya psoriasis2

September 2017

Hi Mary
It was the smell of the Mary Bruce’s Skincare Gentle Cleansing Grains that confirmed for me it truly is a natural product. I recognised flowers and herbs I have in my garden.

So many others I have tried leave your skin dry, course and stripped of our natural oils. The Gentle Cleansing Grains is just what I was looking for. The texture also is out of this world, soft and fluffy, seriously this stuff is good enough to eat. In fact that is what I love about Mary’s products, in theory they are edible, why put something on your skin that you would not put in your mouth. The end result is smooth vibrant skin…what more could you ask for?

PS: Being equally passionate about the environment, I love that Mary has considered the packaging of her products; the grains are packaged in fully recyclable metal or repurpose once finished. A win win for us all.

Tanya Lewis
Red Hill, Victoria
July 2017

Dear Mary,
Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your wonderful That Creme has done for my husband. Mike has just completed 28 sessions of radiotherapy and was warned that his chest and back would be quite blistered and burned by the end of the sessions. Not a bit of it! I rubbed your magical preparation into his chest and back first thing and last thing at night throughout the treatment period and for 3 weeks afterwards. His medical team have been amazed that his skin is completely untouched – no burns, no blisters! Thank you so much for making a very difficult time so much easier to bear.

Julia Hampshire
United Kingdom
January 2017

Hi Mary,
I am really happy with That Deodorant, I love the fact it doesn’t contain aluminium and also not packaged in aluminium. That it has colloidal silver, smells fantastic, and works! I now have my 12 year old daughter using it and she loves it!

Gena Hart
Perth, Western Australia
September 2016

Hi Mary,
I just wanted to tell you, That Deodorant is the best I have ever used. It delivers a good amount at each use, smells good and works! I work in the mines in Kalgoorlie.
Thanks Mary,

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
September 2016

Hi Mary,
I wanted to tell you how fantastic your products are. I am an international pilot so my hrs are varied. Your face wash that I use as a shaving cream as well is the best I have tried, your men’s moisturise is also fantastic. The very best for me is That Creeme. I am so glad I was introduced to such an amazing skincare range and highly recommend people to use it.

Nick Hamilton
Gold Coast, Queensland
August 2016

Hi Mary,
I have suffered with Acne Rosacea for about 10 years and that coupled with an allergy to sunscreens makes it almost impossible for me to go outside without turning bright red and being covered in pimples. I went to see Mary about 3 months ago and she has changed my life. I have been using That Creeme everyday and my skin is so nourished and moisturised without the breakouts I was getting. It’s also far less red and angry and I can actually go outside! I have also used That Creeme on my kids sensitive skin for sunburn, dry spots and insect bites and it is awesome. Not only has Mary developed some amazing products but she’s also a gorgeous, caring and very approachable person. Thank you Mary for making my life so much easier. x Thanks, Naomi.

Naomi Watt
Rosebud, Victoria
January 2016

Hi Mary,
I just want to drop you a quick thank you for recommending your Aussie Bush Spray to me…I used it last night when I was watering my garden and without protection I always get eaten alive by mosquitos but Notlast night!! and I love the smell of it!!! So thanks again so much for making this wonderful Organic product available!!!

Erika Wager
Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria
January 2016

Hi Mary,
After a few days of hardcore weeding my hubby’s cuticles were a mess! (Office worker lol) Although I had no doubt That Creeme would help, it was how quickly his cuticles were back to keyboard ready – after only 2 nightly applications! Needless to say That Creeme is now my cuticle cream too.
I also used That Creeme a few weeks ago in Thailand after I was bitten by an insect. The bite swelled, was red and sore. I used That Creeme, next morning, all gone. Wonderful product. Thank you. Suzi

Suzi Vuckovic
McCrae, Victoria
October 2015

Hi Mary,
I have been meaning to mention something I discovered about your face mask which is amazing. I have been using this fabulous product for nine months now and have noticed a huge difference in the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. Before going out anywhere special I now quickly pop a little just under my eyes jump in the shower and then wash off. The difference it makes to the dark circles is quite amazing. I thought other ladies may like to share in my excitement. Love your products. Alana

Alana Davidson
Rye, Victoria
August 2015

Hello Mary,
Here’s a couple of testimonials for That Creeme 🙂

Suffering from eczema, I have always used horrible, toxic skin creams prescribed to me by my doctor. I am so glad to have finally found a natural alternative that relieves the symptoms of my eczema without exposing me to potentially harsh chemicals. By applying That Creeme to the affected areas every night before bed and whenever I feel the urge to itch, my skin feels soothed, refreshed, and is left smelling delicious!

Cushla Vis
Armadale, Victoria
January 2015

I had an experience at the dentist which left my bottom lip extremely bruised and inflamed. Not wanting to apply any creams potentially harmful to me in such a sensitive area, I was recommended to use That Creeme to help settle the bruising. To my surprise, the swelling disappeared and my lip was back to normal before the day was over! A very impressive result!

Walter Vis
Rosebud, Victoria
January 2015

Hi Leah,
I am currently using the cleanser and face mask for skin as I find them amazing and hydrating in this cold dry weather. I have extremely sensitive skin and have always found that most products dry it out or leave me with breakouts. These products have had no such affect. Such an amazing product and completely natural with no nasty’s!!

Taylor Vine
Western Australia
April 2015

Hi Mary,
Marg Sach reminding you as if I need too, to tell all the ladies about how good That Creeme is for bites and itches. We took it away with us up north this year and it was the best thing I packed. The midge bites are very painful and the mozzies are not that good either, but each night after my shower I put just a little bit of That Creeme on and it helped the pain and itch go away. So I will have it very close by for this summer in Melbourne and mozzie season.
Regards, Margaret Sach

Margaret Sach
McCrae, Victoria
March 2015

Hi Leah,
Thanks for the party.
Oh, that Champenoir Creeme is absolutely divine. It feels lovely on my skin and my skin feels much softer now.
I like the consistency of it as it is not watery like lotions or too thick like a lot of creams. I find that because of its consistency I need to use such a small amount each day.
Finally, the ‘bling, bling’ container is such a bright sparkle pot in my bathroom!!

Jo Abraham
Perth, Western Australia
November 2014

Hi Leah,
Just wanted to drop you a few lines about why I have started using Mary Bruce products again.
I think the best place to start is why I stopped using them to begin with, and it basically comes down to me being lazy! I was on medication that made my skin quite oily, so for someone that normally had dry skin I wasn’t paying attention because it felt “nice”.
So I started buying Nivea face products, as they were well priced and easy to grab when shopping etc. To start with it was fine, but the past few months since I stopped taking the medication my skin has been incredibly itchy, dry and the breakouts have been horrendous. The dryness included flaking skin around my chin, nose and between my eyebrows, the breakouts were mainly along the jaw line and neck. I put this down to the change of meds and not the fact that I was using “generic” creams and washes.
One day I literally started to cry because I couldn’t put make up on to cover the dryness and truthfully I didn’t want too, as it made my whole face itchy and blotchy. I had a girlfriend staying with me that had some of your Night Creeme, she gave it too me and OMG!! After two days of using it, my skin had stopped itching. The dryness and breakouts took about a week to calm down, but the difference was amazing. It literally felt like it had shed the “yukky’ skin away and new skin had taken its place.
The products that you sell, really are worth a try. I have told all the girls I work with that they need to try them. I am hoping to have enough interested to book a party with you, and reap the fantastic rewards and bonus’s that are always on offer with The Mary Bruce Parties!!!!
Thanks for selling an A Class Product!!!
Cheers Nay

Nay Patten
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
October 2014

Hi Mary,
Over the school holidays my 6year old graddaughter came to stay and whilst with me she had a small accident and fell off a kitchen stool. Luckily she did not hurt herself too much but she did bruise herself on her tummy. I of course applied my ‘That Creeme’ and every day after that she asked for ‘That Creeme’ to be applied and the bruise healed up nicely. When she returned back home I had a call from my son who said, “Mum, I think you need to get me some ‘That Creeme’. Apparently my granddaughter had been asking for it. Pretty good, Mary, when it comes out of the mouth of babes.

Barbara Portbury
McCrae, Victoria
October 2014

Hi Mary,
That Ceeme.. Fantastic.. Used with my sleeve with bright colours and lots of detail. Was cautious with avoiding scabbing and needed fast healing as another 3 hour sitting fast approaching. I’ve never had a tattoo heal so well. It’s non greasy (those other products get all over everything and leave greasy marks on clothes) and That Creeme prevented peeling as well because that makes a tat extremely itchy. Will recommend to everyone.
Daughter woke up with extremely bad eczema to the point she couldn’t move her neck. I got her to try That Creeme because cortisone wasn’t giving her relief. Numerous showers during the night just for releif. Used for 3 days now and it’s giving amazing results. A truly amazing product, Mary.

Hayley Wilkshire
Rosebud, Victoria
January 2014

Hi Leah,
This morning my daughter has commented after continuously applying That Creeme, how her face doesn’t sting as before, and she is so happy and relieved that finally an all natural product is really making a difference to her face. Due to her breakout from a product called SOG3 I had bought for the whole family to take, she opted out of going to her graduation. But she is looking forward to taking the products with her upon leaving to holiday with her Grandmother in two weeks. This is indeed a blessing to behold.

Fialupe Wilson
Western Australia
December 2013

Just sending my belated thank you for my skin care products that I have ordered from you. I have very sensitive skin and find it difficult to find products that aren’t either too drying or too heavy.
I just love all of your products that I have tried so far and can’t wait to try all of the others.☺ I daily use your Freshener, Premium Moisturiser, Night Creeme, Eye Cream, Hydrating Serum and Hand & Body Lotion. Your ‘That Creeme’ is also brilliant.
It is great to be using products that are made from 100% all natural ingredients and I can truly feel the difference. My skin has never felt better and I highly recommend your products to anyone. Thank you so much. ☺

Julie-Anne Wilhelm
Mandurah, Western Australia
May 2013

I am a long time sufferer of cold sores, due to my overly sensitive skin. With the current change in weather conditions and an increased level of stress at work, it naturally resulted in me developing another cold sore on my chin.
Fed up with the local products offered at my local pharmacy (as they would normally dry out my skin to such a degree that it would either cause another cold sore or instantly had to be removed upon application due to the burning and irritation the generic products would normally cause), I sought Mary Bruce’s professional opinion.
From the get go, Mary has always allowed me to feel comfortable with voicing my concerns and allowed me to feel like a valued customer, as she always sought the best interest for my individual skin needs, rather than just trying to make a sale (like I had previously experienced outside of Mary’s care).
As a result, I was recommended to use ‘That Creeme’ over my cold sore…it was FANTASTIC! No burning, no excessive drying or irritation. Not only to mention, I saw noticeable improvements within the first 24 hours of application. The soothing oils within ‘That Creeme’ were able to maintain moisture within the infection, while improving the condition of my skin around the cold sore.
I thank Mary Bruce Natural Organic Skincare for the constant support and ensuring my skin is ready for a busy festive period.

Celeste Gullone
Mt Eliza, Victoria
September 2013

Hi Leah,
I have to say amazing products! In just one application of That Creeme to my eczema it has improved dramatically. The Rid-a-Rash one has also done wonders on my 2 year old’s eczema and smells divine!.

Renee Solly
Esperance, Western Australia
September 2013

Hi Mary,
I just want to tell you the success I have had with one of your beautiful products. I recently had a sore in my ear that I kept picking at and it just would not heal. I went to the chemist and purchased a variety of creams with no success. Then Leah (your Mary Bruce WA State Manager) gave me an information pack with a free sample of ‘That Creeme’.
I thought I may as well try yet another cream and this one worked!! The sore has gone and I have now purcheased a bigger jar of your magic cream as a first aid standby in our home.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
May 2013

I live in Kalgoorlie and have suffered from Psoriasis on my arms for may years. After Xmas 2012 the psoriasis came to my hands and feet. I could not drive my car, dress myself or even get money out of my purse or a cup to my mouth as my hands were cracked, bleeding, constantly peeling and very, very painful. My feet were also experiencing the same symptoms so walking was also very painful.
A friend of my daughter gave me a 50gm tin of Mary Bruce “That Creeme” to try. I began to notice a slight improvement by the end of the tin. I admit that I applied it often so it only lasted me about 2 weeks but I was starting to feel better and did not want to stop so I contacted the Mary Bruce Skincare Consultant in Kalgoorlie (Leah Drew) and she came to see me. She had been told of how bad my hands and feet were and suggested I continue with the product and apply it as many times of the day as possible and at night wear cotton gloves and socks so the cream could really soak in and do its “magic”. I purchased a 100gm container. I did this procedure every day and within 3 weeks my hands felt nourished with no bleeding, peeling or pain.
I am able to do anything I want now and I am no longer embarrassed in public. My feet have stopped bleeding and the peeling has improved and I am able to walk without pain. I thank Mary Bruce for her wonderful product and I am now trying some of her other wonderful products on my face. I love the Premium Moisturiser and have tried the Lavender and Frangipani hand cream as well and I love the smell and texture.
I am recommending Mary Bruce products to all my friends.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
February 2013


psoriasis before that creeme
Before using ‘That Creeme’
psoriasis before that creeme2
Before using ‘That Creeme’


psoriasis after that creeme
After using ‘That Creeme’


(Please note: Mary Bruce makes no specific claims attributing medical efficacy to its products. The extraordinary results described here are solely the experience of the custumer who has provided this testimonial.)

Hi Mary,
So wish I had taken a ‘before’ photo because my little laugh lines around my eyes have definitely reduced since I began using your products 2 weeks ago!
Love your Night Creeme, and Eye Creeme, so silky and my skin just drinks it! Has taken me a little time to get used to your Cleanser, but I am used to it now and am happy with the way it cleans the enlarged pores on my nose. I am really pleased with how plump my skin looks and feels, so count me in as a Mary Bruce convert!

Serpentine, Victoria
November 2012

Thank you so much for creating the PREMIUM MOISTURISER – what a saviour. I have been using it for about a month now and the other day my girlfriend said how amazing my skin was looking and had I had botox. Of course I said no I use your Premium Moisturiser. So thank you; don’t ever stop making your wonderful skincare!
Dedicated Mary Bruce customer!

Lois Harvey
Toorak, Victoria
August 2012

Thank you for the sample. I must say it has helped me. I received windburn to my face on Friday and I thought I would give your cream a try. Wow! The cream took the sting away instantly.

Donna Toy
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
March 2012

I have had a shocking rash all up the back of my legs for about a week, and thanks to That Creeme!!! I am almost able to function again. It has been red raw and driving me nuts, and after three days of using your cream it is almost gone.

Chris Martin
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
March 2012

I’m loving my Mary Bruce products. I do think the Day Creeme is a tad oily, but as long as I use it sparingly it’s OK. Some days I use the Night Creeme instead of the Day Creeme, I really, really love the Night Creeme! I really like the Brazilian Scrub as well. It has helped with the ingrown hairs. The Body Oil is also a great favourite of mine, love the smell and the fact that it soaks into my skin.

Naomi Patten
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
February 2012

As a regular traveller I would like to advise others of the benefits of taking with them your Travel Pack. It has all the essentials and weighs only a fraction of the regular pots of creams and potions, which is a move in the right direction when weight is of the essence when flying anywhere in this day and age.

Gwen Carroll
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
February 2012

Thanks, Leah. I have found the Mary Bruce product (That Creeme) very good on cuts. A couple of weeks ago I ripped my nail and made it bleed. I put some Mary Bruce (That Creeme) on it and it seemed to heal and sooth the whole area quicker than I thought it would take. I must admit I haven’t used it very often but what I have used it for I’ve been impressed.

Sandra Rudd
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
January 2012

My 4-year-old was constantly scratching mozzie bites on her face and causing quite bad scabs that were developing into infected sores. After trying many means of getting the sores to heal, your consultant, Leah, gave me ‘That Creeme’ to try. Overnight we saw the redness and infection clearing from the edges of the scabs. As time has gone on we can be assured she won’t have any scarring thanks to ‘That Creeme’! I am now using it on my baby’s (4 months) scratch marks on her face from her little fingernails.

Gena Hart
Perth, Western Australia
August 2011

I love the fact that your skin care is produced from natural and organic ingredients. I have followed your suggested procedure with your products and feel that my skin is now much healthier as well as looking so much better. Thank you, Mary.
That Creeme is amazing! Because it is so natural I have tried it for different needs. I recently had a small growth frozen off my leg where the skin tends to be thinner and kept applying That Creeme to the raw area. I feel that it healed much more quickly and strongly than other wounds I have left to heal themselves. An amazing product, Mary, one that I wouldn’t be without.

Claire Burns
Rosebud, Victoria
July 2011

I just want to thank you very much for your wonderful cream – “That Creeme”. It is a miracle worker. I breed chooks and one wee ckicken was set upon by some of the others and badly wounded. I smothered her bleeding head and back with your That Creeme and within a few days she had healed and is now re-feathered.
Also, I have been attending woodwork classes and had badly gashed my thumb with a saw. I washed it and when I got home I slathered it with That Creeme – nothing else – popped some plaster around it and by morning all the pain was gone and it had started healing up beautifully.
I don’t know what you put in your cream, Mary, but I love it. I use it as a healing balm and also as a barrier and moisturiser. It is the BEST!!!

Jo-Anne Hamilton
Geraldton, Western Australia
May 2011

I am 20 years old and suffered badly from acne to my face and neck, and never thought I would get rid of the scars. I was given a Men’s Pack of Mary Bruce Natural Organic Skincare products as a gift from a friend, who is a Mary Bruce consultant, to see if I could get some improvement in my skin. After a week of using the products, Face Wash morning and night, Moisturiser during the day and That Creeme at night, my face was starting to look and feel better.
I have now been using the products for 2 months and the acne has gone from my neck, the scaring is fading and my face no longer has large acne areas or redness as before. I feel good and my friends have also noticed the difference in my appearance.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
April 2011

My son 14 has been struggling with acne type pimples and red angry looking skin on his face, sometimes almost looking like big sores. The Chemist advised hydrocortisone cream as it looked more like dermatitis (which he has suffered from in the past). This worked a little but as soon as he stopped after 10 days (per Chemist’s instructions) it would return just as angry and awful looking as before.
I decided to teach him the regime at night of using Mary’s Cleanser, Freshener and the Day Lotion (I felt this was less heavy than the Night Creeme). Overnight showed immediate results and it took only three days for his ‘pimples’ to become little pinhead dots, and all of the angry red was gone. He was amazed and over the moon.
He did use a sunscreen some weeks later one day and his skin reacted badly almost instantly. But a few days of cleansing and he was back with almost clear skin. He is no longer self-conscious of his appearance but knows that he has to keep on looking after his skin.
Please let Mary know that I for one am a very happy customer.

Brigitte Flight
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
March 2011

Hi Leah, (Mary Bruce Consultant in WA)
I have tried both That Creeme and Rid-a-Rash. I have to say I love That Creeme. It smells great and does an amazing job on my excema. It has also worked really well on some nasty mozzie bites that my daughter had and she often asks to use it if she gets an itch. I love that it is as natural as being pregnant, I hate using steroid creams, etc.

Shannon Chant
Cunderin, Western Australia
March 2011

Hello Mary,
I am a professional pilot for the Qantas group of companies. I have been using the Mary Bruce range of skincare for several years, especially with the recovery treatment of my son’s burns sustained in late 2008. Skin grafts were expected on hand and knee and fortunately this was not required – ‘That Creeme’ has been instrumental in post recovery (photos supplied). With all the chemicals in skincare, a pure natural ‘homemade’ cream with essential ingredients that have healing qualities makes a big difference.
Mary Bruce skincare is the range of my choice; both my children ask for “Mary’s cream” for every cut, abrasion, skin irritation, etc. I myself use daily the skin wash and men’s care which is excellent in the low humidity cockpit environment of airliners. Personal experience with my family and self has seen this excellent skincare range come through constantly for our skin health and I would strongly recommend anyone give due consideration to using Mary Bruce Skincare products.

Gold Coast, Queensland

Dear Mary,
I am writing to let you know that your “THAT CREEME” is wonderful. I have been to doctors and have bought various moisturisers over the last 12 months, having this on-going problem of the skin under my fingernails cracking and being so dry.
Your cream has been the only thing that has stopped the cracking and after using it morning and night for 6 weeks now they have all healed up and are back to normal.
Thank you so much for introducing me to your great product. I am looking forward to using your other skincare creams in the future.

Mt Eliza, Victoria

I am so pleased that you can use the information I sent you, Mary. I suffer from several serious health problems, one of which is an auto immune condition that causes body hair loss. Recently, I chose to pull myself out of the slump and started buying new makeup. As an experiment, I started ‘That Creeme’ on my eyelashes because they were getting sparse with my condition, as I’d mentioned before. In just 3 nights they improved dramatically in how they look.
I’ve also noticed, much to my surprise and delight, that the lines around my lips, which bleed with lipstick, have vastly faded with ‘That Creeme’ rubbed on them, and the difference is extreme only after a few days. After many years of increasing lines and such despair I am thrilled to see this. My lipstick is staying on all day…and no bleeding. Thank you for such a brilliant and natural product.

Maria Marcellos
Sippy Downs, Queensland

Hello. I suffer from dermatitis and a friend of mine from work, who is a registered nurse, recommended your product ‘That Creeme’. She brought her jar in for me today and I have been using it and the results in just one day are remarkable. I have tried absolutely every cream, from prescribed cortisone creams to over the counter creams.
I went to your site as soon as I got home, but you don’t seem to have an online store yet .. how do I go about purchasing some? I am in Albany in Western Australia .. I am desparate to find some. Thanks in advance!! I’m ecstatic at the way my hands are healing.

Amy Ingram
Albany, Western Australia.

Good evening Mary. Just want to let you know that 2 people so far have commented on how good my skin is looking – only after a week!!! I would really like to sell your wonderful skin care so I need to catch up with you soon. I am out of cleanser and not much of anything else left also.
Today I ventured out into the real world without any makeup on – only mascara and lipstick. I have NEVER done this in over 20 years. Thank you. I will have a look at your web site and be in touch tomorrow.

Leah Drew
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Hello, my name is Beth. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and as a result had my breast removed. I had Chemo – then Radio Therapy for 6 weeks and came home with some nasty burns. A friend gave me a jar of “That Creeme”. I’m 73 years old and my skin is very thick – the results were very very good and my discomfort was short lived. It is a pleasure to recommend “That Creeme’. This is unsolicited.

Beth Wills
Boulder, Western Australia.

I had to tell you something about ‘That Creeme’ as have just discovered.. it works SO WELL at dispersing/getting rid of bruises.
After an unfortunate mishap at our Christmas party I had bruises on both knees.. one knee much worse than the other..and scraped… ANYWAY, I decided to rub a whole heap of That Creeme into my knee. I only did it once, night before last, before bed …and NOW my bad badly bruised knee is SO much better than the other knee that was not as bad before.. the massive bruise is pretty much gone, and the other knee – still blue/purple. I’ve just looked at my knee and was AMAZED! – so am very excited..had to let you know. Works better than any other bruise cream I’ve tried!!
You may know this, but you must know how in awe I am of this stuff.

Richmond, Victoria.

Hi Mary,
I don’t know if you’re aware of this but ‘That Creeme’ from the Men’s Skincare range has some magical properties that are probably not immediately obvious. OK, I’m a bloke and not into men’s skincare except for aftershave and deodorant, but I’ve had a problem for some time that I thought would not be easily fixed. I suffered from very painful dry split skin on the corners of my thumbs, probably because I mess with solvents and detergents in my garage. I’m talking stinging, sometimes bleeding cracks in my thumbs. My wife, who’s used Mary Bruce products for some time, finally convinced me to try That Creeme on the split skin. Within a couple of days the skin started to soften, the pain had gone away and the cracks began to heal. No, I’m not imagining it; I’ve had this problem off and on for years and now it’s gone away. As soon as I feel my skin begin to feel too dry on my fingers, I rub this magic stuff on and it just plain works. All I can say is that you’re on a winner there.

Vic Kenney
Safety Beach, Victoria.

Mary’s Creeme is nothing short of ‘Amazing’. I intially got it for my baby, as it’s a natural product, no chemicals etc. Some other brands were either useless or too strong for little bodies but this is brilliant on all sorts of rashes, sores, cuts, bites…. We now use it for everything and on everyone!! When my little girl, (4yrs) gets cut or hurt she says, “Mum I need Mary’s Creeme”.

Mardi Hamilton
Perth, Western Australia

Hi Mary,
I just want you to know how pleased I am with Mary’s Creme. I began to get a pressure corn on my left foot and was having great difficulty walking any distance. It wasn’t the feet, it was the pain from the corn. I’ve been rubbing Mary’s creme on it for a week now and I have had no more pain. Sure, the corn is sort of there but reduced. I know it’s the creme. I’m now able to walk 2km every morning without batting an eyelid. My feet are no longer a problem in that department. I do have a problem with having very wide feet but that’s another issue. Buying shoes is difficult, as you can imagine. I have been using the moisturizer and the night cream and am quite happy with the products. I’m not a great one for cleansing and freshening but I do try and look after my face.

Perth, Western Australia

I use MARY BRUCE skincare everyday. I live in a harsh environment it is dry, dusty and hot and my skin gets very dehydrated. Every morning I use Mary Bruce moisturiser and cleanser it keeps my skin feeling clean refreshed and healthy. Only this Skin Care makes my dry skin clean, no longer is my skin scaley. I believe it had healing components and I have had cracked painful skin and only Mary Bruce “my creeme” is the healer and I have no scars, I think it is because there are no harsh chemicals and it is longlasting. So thank you Mary Bruce for your creemes. Nothing works except for yours I would recommend your products to everyone. Even if you don’t live in a hot or dry environment they still are the best and most soothing creams you will ever use.

Taylor Jenkin
Western Australia

As a mother of two little country boys and wife to a thrill seeking husband, we only use ‘my creeme’ which has been used to treat various degrees of burns, (ovens, heaters and engines), nappy rashes, a deep moisturiser, a fantastic cream for bites, scratches and grazes and when we had ‘chicken pox’ it was the only cream that soothed our skin and has left it scar free!! It’s brilliant, we use it for everything.

Sonya Lambden

I just have to say how much I love your products. Mary, I can’t believe how nice my skin feels. I have been using them now for just over 2 months and my goodness what a difference. At first I thought it was a little different as the products I have always used seems to ‘dissolve’ on my skin within minutes. As I have really oily skin and still at the age of 44 experience pimples and blockages. But your products last the whole day. It is still on in the afternoon. I don’t experience that horrible greasy oily feeling that previous products do.
I cannot believe how fantastic they are and how fresh my skin feels ALL DAY. I can now tell my friends from FIRST HAND experience how wonderful your products are and have every bit of confidence in recommending them. I cannot thank my friend enough for converting me. A little concerned about my husband though. I see him sneaking in and using them. Can’t wait for the mens range.

Karen Clarke
Virginia, Northern Territory

Mary Bruce Beautiful Skincare has all the elements I desire in my beauty regime – simplicity, quality and a good splash of luxury! The products just glide on beautifully, you certainly don’t need very much and my skin has never looked or felt better! Thank you mary for putting all your expertise and a whole lot of love into this fabulous range.

Tracey Hillard
Perth, Western Australia

I am 62 years of age and I have been using Mary Bruce Skincare range since it’s inception.
I work in a very busy P.A.C.U. unit in an air conditioned atmosphere, plus I have a Bowen Therapy business. My Skin texture, tone, and colour have improved out of sight…my skin is glowing and has definitely firmed. Being a busy person, the fact that it is very quick and simple to apply, and the miracle of this is that it works on all the “character” lines without using a myriad of creams as I was always lead to believe one had to. Thank you so much Mary, because of your skincare I feel I have found the ultimate!

Susan Lee
Havelock North
New Zealand

I have been using Mary’s entire range for over 20 years and would never use anything else. I live in a harsh climate in the Goldfields where skin care is vital. Using Mary’s products always leaves my feeling clean and fresh and properly moisturised. I love the fact that the range is completely natural and with the Essential Oils being the main ingredients. “Mary’s Creeme” is always at hand as I use it as a hand cream, I apply it on any cuts, burns, heels and also on any sunburn. It’s very soothing and seems to have magical healing properties. I find the cleansing grains especially beautiful as they are very gentle and they don’t feel like sandpaper on my skin as many other brands do. They leave my skin feeling very smooth and feeling totally revitalised. I have converted many friends and I can’t speak highly enough of Mary’s products.

Priscilla Bruce
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia